HVC Black Friday 2021 Cigar Review

On Facebook Meta HVC brand owner Reinier Lorenzo wrote, “Let’s get straight to the point. Since 2015 we have been releasing HVC Black Friday. Every year it is completely sold out and this year was not the exception, it sold out faster than ever. The concept behind Black Friday is that every year we come up with a new blend/new liga and a different size as well. It always comes in limited quantities to bring something different and unique every Black Friday. The only thing that has remained the same since 2015 is that all boxed are 50 count. This year we produced a limited amount of 600 boxes nationwide.”

The Black Friday 2021 got it’s launch at Two Guys Smoke Shop on November 5th, 2021 and today we fire up the cigar to see how it compares to years past…

Cigar Review: HVC Black Friday 2021
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua (Corojo 2012, Criollo ’98)
Length: 4 3/8″
Ring Gauge: 54
Size: Robusto Extra

The Look: Packaged in 50 count boxes that are black with golden yellow writing, these stand out more than the basic boxes of years past. Inside the Connecticut Broadleaf wrappers really stand out with a black and gold band denoting Black Friday de HVC. The wrappers have a nice natural looking brindle effect which is a welcome change for Broadleaf which a lot of companies put through a process to get them uniform in color. The cigars have an average weight to them, and a well packed foot.

This Notes: The cold draw of the HVC Black Friday serves up cherry caramel sweetness with a meatiness to it like the char on a steak. The aroma off the foot has a hint of warm melted butter and some subtle red pepper. Once the cigar is toasted and lit the cigar is remarkably smooth from the first puff with a subtle pecan and caramel sweetness.

As we smoke the first third notes of salted caramel envelop the palate with a subtle dark chocolate and leather. Some red pepper appears as an afterthought and not to be redundant, but there is still some char from steak present. There is a persistent sweetness from the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper that also sees notes of marshmallows and graham cracker. The retrohale serves up some vanilla and creme.

As we move into the second third some of the creme from the retrohale emerges on the palate along with some cafecito (Cuban coffee), caramel and a subtle cherry sweetness. There is some leather present and it grows in intensity as we past the half way point while the aroma is pleasing and the retrohale serves up salted caramel with minimal amounts of black pepper.

The last third sees the cigar become a bit reminiscent of HVC Hot Cakes with a load of red pepper, earth and leather. The sweetness of the first two-thirds has left the building, but the cigar remains incredibly flavorful.

The Finish: While the Black Friday looks different this year with the new wrapper, box, and band the cigar is probably the most different. It offers a different flavor profile than years past, but the blend of the cigar really showcases how sweet a Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper can be. This is simply put one of the best Connecticut Broadleaf cigars I have had in the last decade. I was hesitant with the use of the new wrapper for the line as well as the first use of Corojo 2012, but this is a winner of epic proportions!

Score: 95
Score: 9.69 / $427.99

HVC Black Friday 2021

HVC Black Friday 2021 Foot

HVC Black Friday 2021 Burn


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