Illusione Cigars Issues Statement Regarding Regulations

In a blog posting on the official website for Illusione Cigars, Dion Giolito the President of the company addressed the future of Illusione. The posting titled, “Forces Beyond Your Kontrol”  stated:

In lieu of current FDA rulings, we have come to the decision that we are 100% committed to you the retailer and the Cigar Industry respectively. At this time, we are moving forward to maintain all brands within the illusione portfolio and will submit application to the FDA for Substantial Equivalence. We strongly feel that we will be in an even better market position once we receive approval on all current illusione brands. We can and will maintain our commitment to you, the retailer, to be the go-to source of core lines in your humidors, as always by making the highest quality, highest rated cigars in the world.



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