IPCPR 2017: CLE Cigars (Asylum & Eiroa)

When you visit the CLE booth at the 2017 IPCPR you realize one thing instantly, it’s not only insane, it’s asylum. We caught up with Christian Eiroa who goes way back with the Garofalo family as you will find out when you watch the video. Christian’s passion for the Eiroa 20 Years Colorado is unheralded as he tells us about the cigar that has been his vision for a long time.

On the Asylum side of thing’s he fills us in on a cigar that could be a nightmare for retailers and the 50 count box features two different cigars.  Which one do you want to smoke first? I know my choice…

Lastly we’ve seen cigars, cutters, lighters, coffee but now we’ve seen it all as Christian tells about their fidget spinner and why every cigar smoker needs one.

If you are interested in CLE cigars we invite you to visit: https://www.2guyscigars.com/cle-cigars/
If you are interested in Asylum cigars we invite you to visit: https://www.2guyscigars.com/asylum-cigars/

CLE Booth

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