IPCPR 2018 – Day 0 From The Trade Show Floor

The 86th Annual IPCPR Trade Show is underway in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the first day, which we will refer to as Day 0 consists of seminars many are on the show floor getting their booths ready for the opening of the doors of the largest premiums tobacco trade show in the nation.

On the morning of July 14th, 2018 retailers will flood the Las Vegas Convention Center and place the majority of their orders for the year. While in the past the IPCPR was the place to showcase new product, that has changed. The new products being showcased this year saw the light of day in 2016 just before FDA began regulating the industry. The cigars which were made available to select retailers will now get their nationwide distribution making them new for a lot of cigar passionados.

Our own David Garofalo will take us around the trade show floor over the next few days and share with us interviews with brand owners and show us what is being showcased by the manufacturers.

He checked in with us this afternoon to give us a little tease of the trade show floor.

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