La Galera 80th Anniversary Limited Edition Cigar Review

LaGalera80th-1The “Gallery,” or area in any handmade cigar factory where the cigar rollers make beautiful works of art, is affectionately known as La Galeara.

Jose Amaldo Blanco or “Jochy,” which everyone who knows him affectionately calls him, is the owner of Tabacalera Palma, a family business (since 1936) which today celebrates their 80th year in business.

In their factory they make lots of cigars for other people including Boutique Blends (Rafael Nodal) Aging Room, La Boheme, C.O. Jones (for Two Guys Smoke Shop), Villiger, and Senorial for his cousin Jose Blanco among many others. In October of last year, Jochy purchased an old cigar company named Indian Head Cigars which owns and distributes lots of brands including La Galera.

LaGalera80th-2Today I light up and review a special La Galera made to celebrate their 80 years in the business called La Galera 80th Anniversary Limited Edition.

A box pressed cigar that comes in two sizes, today I light up and review the 6.125” x 52 Cortador (which translates to the Cutter used by the cigar rollers in the factory). This, the torpedo shape which wears the La Galeara band used on the Habano version has an added second band that announces the 80th Anniversary. The other size is the “El Lector” a 5” x 54 who is the “reader” who reads to the rollers while they are rolling cigars. Both sizes will retail for $11.50 each and come in boxes with both sizes, 7 of each, that look like the molds that press the cigars into shape. The boxes which are limited to just 4,000 produced. Each box is signed by the rollers who produce them and each cigar uses the same blend.

The fillers used are a combination of Piloto Cubano, Olor, and Criollo 98 from the Dominican Republic. The Binder is Dominican Corojo, all from Joche’s farms. The Wrapper is a dark chocolate brown San Andres from Mexico. Just 56,000 of these cigars have been produced.
The appearance is exceptional. A toothy wrapper surrounds a densely packed pyramid.
The cold draw brings hints of cedar but that soon changes after the light.

It begins bold in strength and flavor with hints of pepper and cinnamon. As the journey continues there is a quick change to an unsweetened baker’s chocolate. After the rapid change the cigar mellows down a bit and dark espresso notes come forward. This cigar measures a 7+ on the Power Profile

This cigar uses well aged tobaccos that burn well together. No touchups were needed as the cigar preformed perfectly throughout. The dual bands had to be removed to continue the experience because this cigar had me wanting more and I got it because I smoked it down to the end. Yes… it’s a finger burner, and it’s that good.

Happy 80th Anniversary to the Blanco Family and congratulations on another great smoke and a fitting tribute to what those in your family began in 1936.

Score: 95
Price: $11.69 / $141.99 (box of 14)


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