Law | Ashland, MA Looking to Ban Flavored Tobacco

The state of Massachusetts is quickly becoming the front line for tobacco regulation and now the town of Ashland is looking to ban the sale of flavored tobacco.

Back in 2013, the town made it illegal for pharmacies to sell tobacco and earlier this year they increased the smoking age to 21.

There would be an exemption to flavored tobacco sales as the law would not pertain to smoking bars and retail tobacco stores.

As part of the regulation, store owners will be required to ask for an ID for all customers regardless of age.

The health department hopes that its laws will be a blueprint for future regulations in the state. The board of health also states that if business owners can show that restrictions are hurting revenue, it may arrange for a tax break.

The board will vote on the new regulations at its October 14 meet.

Ashland is home to 14,000+ residents over 12.9 square miles and was founded in 1750.


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