Law | Branson, MO Passes Smoking Ban

While The Cigar Authority doesn’t condone smoking ban’s we do tip our cap to the city of Branson who has spent the last 6 months listening to both sides of the argument when it comes to enjoying the freedom of lighting up.

On Tuesday night the Aldermen unanimously passed an ordinance that was a compromise between the two sides, smokers and non-smokers. What originally started as a 25 foot buffer from doorways, is reduced to 6 feet, and 4 feet downtown.

Smoking will be restricted to designated areas n parks, but it won’t be regulated on patios or golf courses.

As far as cigar shops, smoking will be allowed as long as 70% of sales are tobacco based.

Branson is home to 10,500 residents over 20.8 square miles and was founded in 1882.

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