Law: Culver City, CA Passes Smoking Ban in Multi-Unit Housing *UPDATE*

At the most recent meeting of the city council in Culver City, CA discussions were held about regulating smoking inside a multi-unit housing. The next step will be to draft an ordinance which will prohibit a person from lighting up inside a location that has more than one family.

This includes privately owned property. Though no date was set for the ordinance, the draft will be considered at an upcoming city council meeting.

Culver City is home to 39,000 residents over 5.1 sq. miles and was founded in 1917.

UPDATE: On October 13th, the city council voted 4-1 to pass this new ordinance that makes it illegal to light up inside the four walls of multi-unit housing. The ordinance is not in an 18 month phase in plan that gives landlords and HOA board the time to amend their rules and regulations. They must also notify tenants and homeowners of the new regulations and the effective date for enforcement.

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