Law: Dekalb, IL Toughens Smoking Laws *update*

In Dekalb, IL the City Council will make it more difficult for a person to light up. This week they took the first step to banning smoking on public patios. The members of the city council are looking to change where tobacco store owners could set up in the city.

Bar owner, Cali Walker believes people will stay home to drink rather than come to her bar when they won’t be able to sit outside and enjoy a smoke with their cocktail.

The City Attorney, Dean Friends states that the ban is because of the known dangers of second-hand smoke, which has been disproved in a recent report.

The council is also looking to prevent shops from opening up, by requiring them to be at least 1,000 feet away from any school or university, they would not be able to have a liquor license and would be required to be in a freestanding building. The country does however plan to have a grandfather clause in effect provided that current ownership does not change hands.

Update: The City Council passed this measure 5-3 on August 25th.

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