Law | Evanston, IL Raises Smoking Age *UPDATED*

The Evanston, IL Human Services Committee will convene tonight (Monday, October 6th) and consider raising the age to buy tobacco products from 18 to 21. The law would also require that any clerk selling tobacco products be at least 21 years old as well.

The ordinance would come with $500 fine for violators and the possibility of losing their license to sell tobacco products.

The Health Director Evonda Thomas-Smith states that she is using the model set by Needham, MA which allegedly saw a decrease in smoking after the change.

Evanston, IL is home to 75,500 residents over 7.761 square miles and was founded in 1872.

Update 10/08: The city’s Human Resources Committee voted unanimously to recommend the proposal to the City Council, which is likely to approve the change.

Update 10/28: The City Council voted on Monday to pass this measure.

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