Law | FDA Raises Fines For Tobacco Sales

The amount you will have to pay for illegally selling an FDA-regulated tobacco products just went up 10%. The 6th fine in a 48 month period will cost you $11,000 which its an extra $1000. According to the FDA FAQ, “Civil Money Penalties for Tobacco Retailers – Answers to Frequently Asked Questions,” (revised June 2014), the maximum civil money penalty for six or more violations within a 48-month period was increased β€œto reflect inflation, as required by the Federal Civil Penalties Inflation Adjustment Act.”

The FDA currently sends a warning letter for a first offense, and fewer fines were not raised, only the highest level was.

Since 2010 the FDA has conducted random checks of retailers to ensure compliance with the Tobacco Control Act. To date they have conducted more than 335,000 compliance checks.

In 2013, more thank 109,000 inspections of stores took place. So far in 2014 through the end of August there have been 113,000 inspections.

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