Law | Hawaii Could Raise Tobacco Purchase Age *UPDATE*

On Tuesday, the House Committee on Judiciary in the state of Hawaii advanced bill HB 385. This bill would raise the legal smoking and purchase age to 21 on the islands.

According to the coalition for a Tobacco-Free Hawaii they feel this measure is necessary to protect younger generations.

Could you imagine how the men and women who died during Pearl Harbor would feel about this measure. How their sacrifices to our great nation would eventually lead toward men and women losing the right to light up a legal product while putting their lives on the line for the military and our great nation.

Not to mention if that 18-year olds are mature enough to vote and serve on juries then they should be allowed to make this decision for themselves.

The bills now go before the full legislature.

UPDATE 3/9/15 – The proposal to raise the age from 18 to 21 in the state has passed the House of Representatives and now moves on to the state Senate.

Hawaii is home to 1.4 million residents over 10,931 square miles and became a state in 1959.

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