Law | La Verne, CA Issues Moratorium On Tobacco Businesses

The City Council of La Verne, Californian unanimous passed an urgency ordinance on Tuesday night in which a 45-day moratorium was established freezing the establishment or expansion of tobacco-related businesses in the city.

The Community Development Directory, Mr. Hal Fredericksen introduced the proposal after local residents complained about the numerous smoke shops in the city.

According to Councilwoman Donna Redman who is the chair of the La Verne Youth and Family Action Committee, the committee has also heard from numerous citizens voicing general concern about the negative impact of tobacco-related products on local children and teenagers.

The measure was unanimous passed with a 5-0 vote and according to state law it can be extended for up to two years.

The measure prevents approval of building and conditional-use permits, business licenses, design reviews or other entitlements for new tobacco-related businesses or expansion or relocation of an existing business, he noted.

La Verne, CA is home to 32,000 residents over 8.562 square miles and was founded in 1906. It is part of Los Angeles County.

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