Law | Lodi, CA Parks Smoking Ban

Back in 2009 the California state legislature passed a bill to ban smoking at all state beaches in parks. That law was vetoed by then Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who stated that smoking bans should be decided by local governments and not the state. Since then over 165 cities and counties have banned smoking in parks.

Lodi is about to add to that number after the Recreation Commission voted 3-0 to present a new ordinance banning smoking at local parks at an upcoming city council meeting.

Back in 1990 Lodi became the first city in the country to ban smoking in bars and restaurants and the state followed suit in 1995. T

The meeting held by the Recreation Commission was not attended by any residents to speak out against the proposal despite the meeting being open to the public.

Lodi, CA is home to 63,000 residents over 13.82 square miles and was founded in 1906.

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