Law | Louisiana Looking To Raise Tobacco Taxes

A tobacco tax could be looming in the state of Louisiana months before the scheduled IPCPR trade show hits New Orleans. With a new smoking ban in place, the state will not look to increase revenue by raising tobacco despite studies that show increased taxes often mean reduced revenue.

While the cigarette tax has a number attached to it ($0.36 to $1.08 per pack), there has been no set number attached to other tobacco products (OTP).

For the last seven years, Governor Bobby Jindal has been strong opposed to raising the tax however this year he proposing it and he does not plan to limit it to just cigarettes. The tobacco tax would also apply to cigars, pipe tobacco and e-cigarettes.

The state legislative session begins on April 13 and it is expected that this issue will be debated.

Louisiana is home to 4.6 million residents over 51,843 square miles and became a state in 1812.

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