Law | New Hampshire Introduces New Tobacco Bills

The state of New Hampshire this past week introduced two new bills, the first of which is SB 105 which would dramatically broaden the indoor smoking prohibition. The details of the bill can be read on the state website. While we are no law experts there were no listed exceptions for cigar shops under the new proposal.

The second bill, SB 89 is relative to cigars bars which now have the ability to have “shish” qualify as revenue eligible. According the the state, 60% of the quarterly revenue from any cigar bar must be cigars, humidors, cigar cutters, cigar cases, lighters, shishaand ashtrays. Mail order and Internet sales, as well as revenue generated from other tobacco sales in store, including cigarettes and loose tobacco sales, shall not be used to determine whether an establishment satisfies the definition of a cigar bar.

Being that we are based in New Hampshire will will be keeping an eye on these two bills.

New Hampshire is home to 1.3 million residents over 9,304 square miles and has been a state since 1778.

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