Law | Newark, NJ Voting On Park Smoking Ban *UPDATE*

In June, Governor Christie vetoed a resolution that would have banned smoking in the Garden State. However, that didn’t sit well with many municipalities and Newark is looking to pass a similar law that would ban the ability to light up in a city park or other recreational facilities. It will also ban smoking inside city-owned and city-operated cars means many law enforcement officials will not be able to light up on the job.

The law will include cigarettes, cigars, water pipes, E-Cigarettes and Hookah should it pass. First time offenders will be fined at $250 before moving up to $1,000 at the third offense.

A public hearing on the measure is scheduled for this week after which the city council will vote.

Newark is home to 278,000 residents over 26.11 square miles and was founded in 1693.

UPDATE: The city council unanimously passed the ordinance.


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