Law | Newburgh, NY Approves New Tobacco Law

The city of Newburgh has pass a new law that could result in the toughest local licensing requirements in the nation. The City Council approved the new measures which will begin on March 1st.

If you wish to sell any form of tobacco in the city you will need to apply for a city license. However, to be approved you will have to pass a number of requirements including an inspection.

In order to be approved the shop would have to be inspected by the local fire and police departments. The city would also have the power to request a search warrant for the premises. There must be no fire or property code violations, the shop must not have violated the state laws on sale and display of tobacco taxes and the applicant must not be delinquent on city fees or fines. The shop must also be more than 1,000 feet from any school.

The addition of requiring a city approved license makes them the second city in the state to require a state and city license to operate. The other is New York City.

Newburgh is home to 28,500 residents over 4.8 square miles and was founded in 1709.

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