Law | Pennsylvania Proposes 40% Cigar Tax

There are a handful of states where cigars aren’t tax and one of those states, Pennsylvania is in danger of falling by the wayside. Democrat Governor Tom Wolf’ in his proposed $30 billion state spending plan would tax cigars at 40% of the wholesale value.

If the spending plan passes as is, it would go into effect on October 1st, and would result in Pennsylvania having a higher tax than its neighboring states.

According to Greg Zimmerman who is the president of the Pennsylvania Retail Association for Premium Cigars and sits on the board of IPCPR, the tax would be devastating to state which could lose thousands of jobs associated with the industry.

The last time a tax was proposed on cigars in the state by former Governor Ed Randall it was overwhelmingly defeated and it is believed the Republican controlled Legislature would be unlikely to pass it this time around. In order to ensure that this is the case it is important to contact your local officials and tell them that this tax is unacceptable.

Pennsylvania is home to 12.7 million residents over 46,055 square miles and became a state in 1787.

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