Law | Philadelphia Proposes Cigar Tax

Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love has no love for cigar smokers. Despite the state operating with no tobacco tax, the city recently passed a new tax on cigarettes to be used toward schools. This time around the city is gunning for cigars and other tobacco related products.

According to a report on NATO (National Association of Tobacco Outlets) the city is looking to tax cigars at the rate of 36 cents per stick. While this may not seem to be a lot to some, one can look at states such at Massachusetts which started at 15%, moved to 30% and now stands at 46%.

No date for a hearing has been set and he full proposal can be read below.

Philadelphia is home to 1.5 million residents over 141.6 square miles and was founded in 1682.

School District Nicotine Products Tax Ordinance

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