Law | Phillipsburg, NJ Park Smoking Ban

The city council of Phillipsburg, Pennsylvania is proposing a smoking ban in all town parks. The existing ordinance currently prohibits smoking with 50 feet of any organized youth athletes or recreational event that takes place at any town field of facility. However, according to city officials the law is not enforced at the current time.

Council President Todd Tersigni said he discovered the existing smoking law, while researching the idea of a town-wide smoking ban in all parks. He proposed designating a special area for smoking that is 50 feet away from play areas with containers to dispose cigarette butts instead of an outright ban.

It was also proposed that all violations be fined between $200 and $300 with community service, and a fine of $1,000 for a second offense with community serves.

There is no word on when a vote might be held on the proposal that plan to be formally introduced at next weeks meeting.

Phillipsburg is home to 15,000 residents over 3.31 square miles.


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