Law | Pleasant Hill, CA Downtown Smoking Ban

Close to the one year anniversary of Councilman Michael Harris’ failed bid for a smoking ban in the downtown smoking district, the Councilman is set to bring the proposal back to the table.

Harris and fellow Councilman Ken Carlson have asked their colleagues to draft an ordinance that would ban smoking downtown.

The council is scheduled to meet and discuss the proposal at 7:30pm tonight (Sep. 8th) at City Hall.

Councilman Carlson is a smoker, and appears to have changed his objection from the proposal last year.

In 2006 the city banned smoking in and near city-owned facilities and most workplace. In 2010, they added bus stops, ATMs, ticket lines, and outdoor events.

The new proposal will require that 50 percent of apartment units becomes non-smoking by 2016 as well as the entire downtown area.

Pleasant Hill is home to 33,000 residents over 7 square miles.

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