Law | Smoking Ban Overturned in Indiana

UPDATE: Governor Mike Pence has signed this into law and it will be effective July 1st.

It’s not often you seem a smoking law overturned, but it’s about to happen in Indiana and Cigar Lounges couldn’t be happier.

As it stands now if you walk into a new cigar lounge it is illegal to smoke indoors even if the only product sold is tobacco. In order to light up you need to walk outside at least 8 feet from the door, and in winter that isn’t too accommodating.

Thankfully, all that is about to change as a new bill has some language slipped into that clears the way for smokers to light up and rejoice. The new measure will do away with part of a statewide smoking ban imposed three years ago when it was made illegal to smoke inside public facilities, including tobacco shops. An exemption was in place for preexisting tobacco shops.

The new measure has had some bipartisan support with endorsements from the current and past chairmen of the House Public Health Committee, Rep. Ed Clere, R-New Albany, and Rep. Charlie Brown, D-Gary.

The legislation, if signed by Govenor Mike Pence, would be effective July 1.

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