Law | Terrell, TX Smoking Ban Proposed

The city of Terrell, Texas is moving forward with a proposed smoking ban that would ban smoking in restaurants, city parks and city owned vehicles on January 1, 2015.

According to the Terrell Municipal Development Director a city-wide survey took place in August, and 87% of the restaurant owners surveyed supported or were indifferent about the proposal.

Currently establishments that sell food must have a designated smoking area.

Councilman D.J. Ory has suggest that the proposal be taken one step further to include parks.

The proposal is being fine tuned and will be taken back to the council on November 13, before a first public reading on November 18, with a second reading on December 2.

Terrel is home to 16,000 residents over 18.7 square miles and was founded in 1737.

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