LFD Andalusian Bull Cigar Review

A couple of weeks back I smoked the Andalusion Bull on The Cigar Authority podcast. The cigar I smoked that day was a sample from IPCPR that made its way back to me via David Garofalo. It intrigued me enough that when the cigars reached the shelves of Two Guys Smoke Shop I reached for another for today’s review.

According to a press release from La Flor Dominicana, “Invoking the spirit of Spain’s famous Toreros, this cigar has character and flair in both its flavor and presentation. A Dark natural Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper covers some of the most powerful fillers and binder grown on our farm in the Dominican Republic. The flavors are complex, with a myriad of spices and a touch of sweetness creating an exquisite full-bodied smoking experience.

Cigar Review: LFD Andalusian Bull
Country of Origin: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Ecuador Corojo
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican
Length: 6.5″ 
Ring Gauge: 52/64
Vitola: Salomon
Cutter: Lotus Jaws
Lighter: Vertigo Champ

The Look: The cigars are packaged in a gorgeous green box with all ten cigars lined up inside. Under each cigar going the length of the box is a gold ribbon for easy removal. The primary band of green, gold and black has the silhouette of a bullfighter while a secondary band has a script font denoting Andalusian Bull. The Ecuador Corojo wrapper has a gorgeous reddish-brown hue to it and is flawlessly applied. In the hand the cigar is firm and heavy with a well packed foot.

The Notes: The aroma off of the foot and wrapper of Andalusian Bull is as complex as a pre-light experience can get. There are hints of nougat, molasses, cedar and hay. With the cap clipped the cold draw is chewy with notes of mocha and caramel and more molasses.

With a cigar of this size it is important to use the proper light. I’ve alluded to the fact before, that I own multiple lighters for different cigars and with the large foot on this smoke, I chose my quad flame Vertigo Champ. With the foot toasted and lit there was more caramel right out of the gate. As we progressed through the first third, hints of leather, black cherry and chestnuts created the beginnings of a masterpiece.

Moving on to the second third of the cigar I am surprised by the lack of pepper and spice on the retrohale. In fact the retrohale adds to the overall sweetness of this cigar. Around the half-way point of the cigar, notes of black cherry really begin to shine as leather and nuts linger in the background.

As we conclude the final third of this offering from La Flor Dominicana notes of caramel and black cherry continue to linger as the leather component becomes more subtle. There is some espresso on the finish with some nuttiness. The retrohale sees the introduction of some black pepper in the final inch.

The Burn: This long, slow burning cigar follows the blue print for a salomon. The draw starts out a little tight, but acceptable and as you move toward the wider section of the cigar things really open up to perfection. The firm ash has minimal flake and holds on for a long period of time. The combustion line is even and the cigar remains lit for its duration.

The Finish: The Andalusian Bull from La Flor Dominicana is a cigar that should be loved by fans of LFD. As a fan, I loved it. The cigar had some similarities to me personally as the Salomon which is a yearly limited release from Litto Gomez. I also believe this is a cigar that will age well as I can see the flavor profile intensifying as the cigar mellows with a little bit of age. In fact, I plan on buying two boxes. One to enjoy now and one to age for 6 months just so I can see the difference.

Score: 92
Price: $15.19 / $134.99

LFD Andalusian Bull

LFD Andalusian Bull

LFD Andalusian Bull Foot

LFD Andalusian Bull Foot

LFD Andalusian Bull Burn

LFD Andalusian Bull Burn

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