Matt Booth Leaves Davidoff Cigars

According to a story on the Cigar Aficionado website, Matt Booth, jeweler turned cigar personality has left Davidoff.  However this might not be the last we see of Matt Booth who in a phone interview with the magazine said, “The contract ended, and I think that it’s time for a new beginning for Room101. I am grateful for the years of partnership and support from Davidoff.

That statement leaves the door open from Matt Booth to reappear elsewhere in the industry and it could mean the brand Room 101 is not yet dead as Matt Booth’s 101 Corporation owns the trademark to Room101 which was formed in 2009. The brand does not meet the predicate date and moving the production to another factory poses more FDA issues should the line of cigar continue.

In true Rock N Roll fashion Matt Booth is considering a farewell tour of cigar shops in the USA, however we all know many artists have embarked on such a tour only to resurface shortly afterwards.

The door might be closed to Room 101 but Matt Booth still has the key to unlock it.


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