Media: Cigar Authority Podcast: Episode 7/12/14

Subject: The Cigar Authority Podcast
Date: 7/12/14
Title: Having a Ball (Bag) with BG Meyer Standard Issue
Guests: None

This week on The Cigar Authority Live we are live from high atop Two Guys Smoke Shop, in beautiful tax-free Salem, New Hampshire. Come join David Garafolo, Mr. Jonathan, Chuck Morrison and yours truly Barry Stein as we discuss cigars, current events and even have a few laughs with my ball bag.

This weeks episode features

  • BG Meyer Standard Issue from Camacho
  • Cigar Journal Magazine
  • This day in classic history
  • Cigar Shop etiquette Rule #1
  • Hamer + Sickle Traditione New Size
  • Cigar News
  • Cigar Journal Awards

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