Cigar Review: Perdomo Double Aged Vintage

Sitting in The Cigar Authority offices Mr. Jonathan let me know about the new Perdomo Double Aged Vintage 12 Years and I was hoping he would bring back a sample from IPCPR. However, we didn’t have to wait long as Perdomo sent us a nice rocks glass with a cigar sample of the new Connecticut. The cigars will only be released to 250 of the finest tobacconists world-wide.

According to a letter that came with the sample, the Perdomo Double Aged Vintage is a blend of the their finest and most cherished 12 year old fillers., binders and wrappers. The rare tobaccos have been carefully bale aged for ten years and then barrel aged for an additional two years. The first release slated for August 2014 is with a Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper. In October 2014 will be a rich Nicaraguan Sun Grown and in December 2014 will be an oily Nicaraguan Maduro. 

There will only 240,000 cigars equaling 2,500 boxes of each wrapper released and a total of 4 sizes. Robusto ($10.00 MSRP),  Epicure ($10.50 MSRP), Churchill ($11.00 MSRP) and Gordo Extra ($11.50 MSRP).

Cigar: Perdomo Double Aged Vintage
Size: Robusto (5 x 56)
Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut
Seco: Condega
Viso: Jalapa
Ligero: Esteli
Distributred By: Perdomo

The Look: The Perdomo Double Aged Vintage uses a single band that looks like a triple band. It features the Perdomo logo of gold, white, and black bordered by a yellowish orange frame. In the middle it denotes Vintage and the bottom part of the band denotes it is aged 12 years. It also has the blend with tasting notes that read “A smooth smoke with a creamy complexity, slight hints of caramel and cedar with a rich buttery finish.” The wrapper has a slight tooth to it a small network of thin veins. There is a nice weight to it and the cigar is firm to the touch.

The Notes: The cold draw to the cigar serves up notes of molasses and figs while the foot of the cigar has a nice aroma of cedar to the nose. Once the cigar is lit there is a slight spice through the nose that lets you know there is some Nicaraguan tobacco in use and the initial taste is that of nuts while the cigar produces a lush volume of smoke. The first third of the cigar is extremely smooth with some buttery notes, but toward the end of this portion I notice the finish reminds me of bourbon.

The second third of the cigar reminds me more and more of the finish of high end bourbon which I find extremely enjoyable. Working into this third there are notes of corn, caramel and a very slight sweet molasses. Toward the end of this portion of the cigar it looses its notes similar to bourbon.

The last third of the cigar the spice of the cigar turns up a notch through the noses and there a tingly sensation on my lips. There is some bitterness present although not overwhelmingly so in the final third of the smoke. The finish becomes a bit longer than first two thirds of the smoke with some spice and maple.

The Burn: As the cigar burns the thin carbon line on the showcases the well aged today with a firm white ash that holds on more than a third at a time. The draw of the cigar was ideal with just the slightest hint of resistance. The cigar at times became a little bit wavy into its burn but I never needed to touch it up. This is often common with a cigar given as a sample and should not be looked at as a negative.

Overall: When I lived in NYC, I never saw Perdomo on the shelves but once I moved to Miami I saw them in many shops but never had one until Billy Perdomo gave me one to try at an event. It was at this point that I began to enjoy Perdomo cigars. I wouldn’t call myself a die-hard like I am with certain cigars but this Perdomo was incredibly tasty, especially the first two thirds of the cigar. As a footnote the cigar has a similar look to the Perdomo Aged 49 Years which was a cigar give out at Nick Perdomo’s 49th Birthday.

Price: $10.00
Score: 90

Perdomo Vintage Aged Connecticut

Perdomo Vintage Aged Connecticut

Perdomo Vintage Aged Connecticut

Perdomo Vintage Aged Connecticut

Perdomo Vintage Aged Connecticut

Perdomo Vintage Aged Connecticut



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