Media | Jorge Padron & Charting a New Cuba

On today’s show we had on live via remote the President of Padron Cigars, Jorge Padron. We will discuss with him 50 Years of Padron from their humble beginning in Little Havana to their farms in Nicaragua. We will also ask him what he thinks the announcement of Cuba means to the cigar industry as we know it today. Will it be good for the industry or will it hurt the industry as we know it.

Also sitting in on the interview was the patriarch of the the Padron family Jose Orlando Padron, and Jorge Padron’s brother Orlando.

Yesterday’s historic announcement has people salivating over the chance to smoke Cuban cigars. We break down yesterdays announcement and discuss what this means for the future of Cuban cigars in the United States.

  • Cigar Aficionado Predictions, How Did We Do?
  • Padron 50 Years
  • We Go Inside The Aging Room With Old Fart Freddy
  • Jorge Padron, President of Padron
  • The Classic Three Way
  • Bad News Barry
  • Debonaire Chuck Morrison
  • Tweets of the Week
  • And so much more!

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