Media : The Madness of March

Taping the show on a short week is always fun, because you only get a day or two of content to prepare. The result can be anything from our greatest show, to the worst one ever. And on a short week, the risk of a train wreck is all the more possible.

Today we welcome cigar smoking Comedian Jay Grove to the show, and lets just say we haven’t had the best luck with comedians in the past. We will talk about life on the road, and how cigars factor into things for him.

We will also touch base with David Garofalo who is getting ready to leave for Cuba on a trip.

This week we smoke Cubanacan Connecticut in the first hour, and CroMagnon in the second hour. Join us for all the shenanigans known as The Cigar Authority.


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The Granite Gun Jay Grove & Cuba

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