Mi Querida Fino Largo Cigar Review

In Spanish, Mi Querida translates to My Mistress. For many of us, cigars are the other woman. Let’s face it, sometimes we sneak out for a cigar or stop by the local lounge telling our wives we are working late. All because of our love for premium cigars aka the other woman.

Mi Querida wasn’t the original name for this cigar either as Steve Saka originally had plans to release the project as Todos Las Dias. However, a trademark issue forced his hand into a name, that I personally feel is better.

Cigar Review: Mi Querida
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: Nicaraguan American Cigar S.A. (NACSA)
Wrapper: Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Size: 6″
Ring: 48
Size: Corona Gorda (Fino Larg0)
Cutter: Jaws Cutter
Lighter: Vertigo Slider

The Look: A lot of the packaging reminds me of Undercrown from Drew Estate. From the plane wooden boxes with the blue and gold bands, Mi Querida draws from Saka’s past. The Broadleaf wrapper has some veins and tooth to it but is flawlessly rolled. While the Fino Largo is listed as 6 x 48 it feels thinner. The cigar is well packed and evenly rolled.

The Notes; The cold draw of the cigar offers up a hint of sweetness mixed with earth and cedar, while the aroma off the foot is slightly spicy with a touch of cinnamon. This is a cigar I have been looking forward to smoking for a while.

Once the cigar is lit, there are notes of leather and wood. Derek in a prerelease review referred to it as driftwood, which I can totally relate to as the wood has a wet quality to it. On a side note, this isn’t to say the cigar is wet, just the note is reminiscent of driftwood. There is a hint of pistachio. On the retrohale there are subtle spices that are really enjoyable and prolong the finish.

Moving on to the second third, the aforementioned pistachio notes really begin to take hold as the wood and leather slide into the background. The retrohale continues to serve up notes of warm spices that continue on the finish.

In the last third the notes of nuts, specifically pistachios continue to dominate the palate. As the cigar comes notes of wood and leather continue on the finish.

The Burn: I was impressed with the razor-thin combustion line and how perfectly the cigar burned given the reputation that the factory where these come has attached to their name. The cigar burned from first light to last puff. The ash held firm with no flake and fell off in one-third increments.

The Finish: The Mi Querida is the cigar that I expected from Steve Saka when I first heard he was opening his own company. This isn’t to say that Sobremesa was a bad cigar, because it definitely wasn’t. This release should satisfy those who were looking for a Connecticut Broadleaf experience because Saka hit it out of the park.

Score: 92
Price: $8.99 / $161.99

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