My Father El Centurion H2KCT TAA Edition

Each year at the annual Tobacconist Association of American (TAA) conference various manufactures offer a limited release for TAA Retailers. This release could be a size extension, blend tweak or an exclusive cigar. In an attempt to find our if there was anything different about the TAA Edition of the El Centurion multiple messages to My Father Cigars went unanswered.

Cigar Review: El Centurion H2KCT TAA Edition
Country of Origin: Nicaragua
Factory: My Father S.A.
Wrapper: Connecticut (Cuban Seed Habano)
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 6.25″
Ring Gauge: 52
Vitola: Torpedo
Strength: Full

The Look: Packaged in 20 count boxes with 2 rows of 10; I personally enjoy the visual presentation of a box pressed torpedo. The way it sits in the box is very inviting to me, and while I tend to stay away from the vitola in a traditional round format, I do pick it up more often in a box pressed edition. The cigar features a band that reminds me of India with its colors of red, gold and a pale yellow. The foot is also adored with an orange ribbon with TAA in gold lettering.

As far as the El Centurion itself, the wrapper has some nice crystallization to it and is flawlessly rolled. It is firm to the touch where it should be and slightly spongy on the foot as it should be. In the hand the cigar is quite heavy and not having smoked for the last few days due to a really bad cold I can’t wait to light this up.

The Notes: Once the cap is clipped which for me is slightly less than a quarter-inch on a torpedo or belicoso the initial draw reveals notes of cedar and marshmallow fluff. Off the foot the cedar is more potent with a graham cracker aroma mixed in. All we need is some chocolate and we have the makings for some smores.

Once the cigar is lit there is a subtle sweetness that borders on chocolate and the smores is complete. Sadly, that sweetness quickly fades but notes of oak develop that are joined by some red pepper and a hint of leather. As the first third comes to a close there is a well-defined note of roasted nut that grabs your attention.

As we move into the second third of this cigar from My Father, the roasted nuts remain dominant as some coffee notes slowly begin to develop. The El Centurion becomes creamy and around the half way point coffee notes become well-defined and the focal point of the TAA Exclusive. Through the nose the red pepper remains as does the oak which is especially prevalent on the finish and aroma.

The last third of the El Centurion TAA Edition continues with notes of pepper and oak on the retrohale and finish of the cigar. The palate is treated to nuances of coffee and roasted nuts with a touch of vanilla. The result is a balance and complexity that one expects from My Father Cigars.

The Burn: This slow burning torpedo is a vision of excellence with a razor-sharp combustion line that reveals a firm medium gray ash that holds firm for more than a third at a time with no flake. The draw of the cigar was the definition of perfect with a nice amount of smoke production. The cigar burned perfect and remained lit from first light to last puff.

The Finish: The TAA Exclusive Topedo has become my favorite vitola in the line. There are subtle nuances and rich notes with a lot of complexity that engages the cigar smoker. I’ve smoked three of these cigars today back to back to back and I have not yet lost the desire to light up another. If you are a fan of the blend, or have not yet tried it you should.

Score: 92
Price: $10.19 / $179.99

My Father El CenturionTAA Edition

My Father El CenturionTAA Edition

My Father El CenturionTAA Edition Foot

My Father El CenturionTAA Edition Foot

My Father El CenturionTAA Edition Burn

My Father El CenturionTAA Edition Burn

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