Nat Sherman Changes Bands For Timeless Collection

Iconic Tobacconist introduces red and black bands to distinguish blends and enhance customer experience

NEW YORK (March 2, 2016) – Nat Sherman, tobacconist to the World since 1930, has introduced new secondary bands on both cigar lines of the Timeless Collection to help simplify the product identification process. The Timeless Collection is comprised of two unique blends produced in two different countries. The company created the red band to signify the Dominican made Timeless blend, while the black band represents the Nicaraguan made Timeless blend. Both blends remain the same, but the new additions help retailers and consumers identify the Timeless Collection’s two unique countries of origin.

With the introduction of these new secondary bands, the two distinct cigar lines of the Timeless Collection are further distinguished,” said Michael Herklots, Vice President of Retail and Brand Development at Nat Sherman. “Previously, the two cigar blends in the Timeless Collection have been visually identified by their rolling style, differentiating the round cigars of the Dominican made blend from the box-pressed cigars of the Nicaraguan made blend. The secondary bands, however, serve to make product recognition even easier.

The Timeless Collection represented a renewed and refocused energy for Nat Sherman upon its initial release in 2012. The cigars in Dominican made Timeless Collection are a full-bodied, medium-strength blend of tobaccos from three different countries, produced at the Quesada Cigars factory, while the Nicaraguan made blend is a medium-bodied puro crafted by Plasencia Cigars. Additionally, the cigar names of the Dominican made cigars come from the classic vitola names, whereas the Nicaraguan made are differentiated by a three-number name that combines the length and the ring gauge of each cigar in the line.


About Nat Sherman
Founded by Nat Sherman in 1930 and family-guided for three generations, Nat Sherman International continues to define the authentic tobacco experience. Through a tradition of innovation and expertly crafted products, Nat Sherman’s timeless appeal, while quintessentially New York is embraced and enjoyed worldwide.



Nat Sherman TImeless Collection Bands
Top: Nat Sherman Timeless Hermoso (Dominican) with the red secondary band
Bottom: Nat Sherman Timeless 556 (Nicaragua) with the black secondary band

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