Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro Coffee Break Cigar Review

The Nestor Miranda Collection was released in 2014 as Miami Cigar & Company celebrated their 25th Anniversary. The cigars, were originally available in three wrappers of Connecticut, Habano and today’s review the Maduro (Connecticut Broadlead) before the addition of Corojo this year at the 2016 IPCPR.

The cigar which is made at the My Father Factory S.A. was kept secret from Nestor Miranda until it’s unveiling of during their Sales Meeting which was held on a cruise that year and I was lucky enough to be a part of. When the boxes were unveiled on the 2nd day, the look on Nestor’s face was one that was approval for the work his son-in-law had done. At the time of the release Director of Miami Cigar & Co., Nestor Miranda said: “I can proudly say that I knew my son-in-law, Jason Wood, was a special talent who just needed industry experience that time has brought to him. I am excited about the new vision that he has for our future and the re-branding of the Nestor Miranda Collection.

Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda Collection
Country of Origin: 
Connecticut Broadleaf
Nicaragua, Brazil, Honduras
Ring Gauge: 
Coffee Break (Robusto)
Lotus Jaws
Black Label Domininator

The Look: If you look at Nicaragua from an insider’s perspective you see a lot of companies falling behind on their orders due to a wood shortage in the country. Simply put boxes can’t be produced fast enough to keep up with demand. In 2013, Jason Wood and Miami Cigar listened to insider’s who predicted this and outsourced their box production for the release of the 2014 Nestor Miranda Collection. The Nestor Miranda comes packaged in sleek-looking black boxes. The Maduro features red accents just as the band does on the cigar inside the box.

The Notes: The cold draw of the NMC Maduro has notes that are reminiscent of a scooter pie which is also known as a moon pie or a mallomar. There are notes of graham, marshmallow fluff and chocolate. All three work perfectly together to create that confectionary masterpiece. The foot of the cigar has more marshmallow fluff and chocolate to the nose.

I’ve had this particular cigar aging in my humidor for about a year, and it has aged very well. There is a subtle leather note that provides the base note with hints of chocolate and cannelle (cinnamon). On the retrohale that are some nuts and pepper both which carry on to the finish of the cigar.

The second third of NMC Maduro sees notes of nuts become dominant with hints of cocoa and cannelle remaining on the cigar. Around the half-way point the nuts transition to the retrohale along with some oak and pepper notes.

The last third of the Nestor Miranda Collection sees the leather note becomes dominant once again as the sweetness that was around in the first two-thirds of the cigar has left the building so to speak. There is also an abundance of pepper through the nose, and a nutty finish.

The Finish: I bounce back and forth on what my favorite Nestor Miranda Collection is between the Connecticut and the Maduro. Lately I love the complexity and strength of the Maduro with its Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper. Either way you can’t go wrong with these cigars.

Score: 91
Price: $7.79 / $138.99

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro

Nestor Miranda Collection Maduro

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