New World Connecticut Toro Cigar Review

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and what better way to celebrate then by lighting up a cigar that represents the New World. The follow up to the Oscuro release from AJ Fernandez was the Connecticut shade wrapper. It’s a collaboration between AJ Fernandez and his father Ismael and today’s review on The Cigar Authority.

Cigar: AJ Fernandez New World
Size: 6 x 52 (Toro)
Wrapper: Connecticut Shade U.S.A.
Binder: San Andres Mexico
Filler: Nicaragua, Brazil
Strength: Mild-Medium
AJ Fernandez

The Look: The foot is covered by a white ribbon with red writing showcasing the AJ Fernandez logo and identifies the cigar as a Connecticut. The ban of the cigar is a work of art showing the arrival to the New World which is the name of the brand. In the hand the cigar is silky and firm. Once the band is removed there is a facsimile of AF Fernandez’s autograph that actually looks like it was signed in pen.

The Notes: The foot of the cigar has some citrus notes of lemon, lime and a creaminess. With the cap cut the cold draw of the cigar has some citrus notes, cream and sweetness. In fact I am craving an old fashion lime rickey at this point.

Once the cigar is toasted and lit there is a creamy butterscotch note that slowly develops with some red pepper through the nose. As the first third comes to a close the creamy note continues while some coffee notes linger in the background.

The second third of the cigar begins to pick up some bolder flavors with dark toast, coffee and an almost cider like quality. As the cigar crosses the halfway point cedar notes work their way into the mix.

The last third of AJ Fernandez New Wave Connecticut takes on some notes of pecans along with coffee and continued dark toast. There is some spice on the finish that tingles the nostrils on the retrohale. Despite being mild throughout the cigar, the finish is medium as you progress past the band.

The Burn: The New World Connecticut is a well constructed cigar with a slow burn. The draw offered up the right amount of resistance with a thin combustion line and a mostly white ash that held for each third of the cigar. One item of note for me was the lower part of the cigar was  different color then the rest of the cigar as evidenced in the pictures below. The cigar changed dramatically when the color change was breached.

The Finish: As the first third comes to a close, I asked myself if this is it, if so I was totally disappointed, however in the second third of the cigar it became a flavor mom with a lot of subtle nuances and distinct flavors. The cigar is a breakfast smoke and it was quite enjoyable.

Score: 90
Price: $6.59 / $114.99


AJ Fernandez New World CT Foot

AJ Fernandez New World CT Foot

AJ Fernandez New World CT Burn

AJ Fernandez New World CT Burn

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