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Chubbys Boss
By Cuban Stock Cigars

June 30th, 2014: Cuban Stock Cigar Co. is proud to announce the release of the Chubbys Boss.

The first Chubbys were launched in 1999. They were a great success from the get-go, being Cuban Stock’s first 60 ring gauge cigar. The line gradually developed but really took off in 2004 after Cuban Stock developed the Dominican Maduro Special (DMS) wrapper, a naturally processed Dominican wrapper that produces the perfect dark, oily cigar.

In 2007 Cuban Stock introduced the Chubbys Ultimate. The same blend was used with the exception of the wrapper. The wrapper was replaced with an Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper which is peppery and strong. The Chubbys Ultimate quickly became a hit for Cuban Stock as the Chubbys line became known world wide.

In 2013 Cuban Stock introduced the Chubbys 3-4-5. The concept was simple, a line of 60 ring gauge, full-flavored cigars; the three inch for a thirty minute smoke, four inch for a forty minute smoke and five inch for a fifty minute smoke.

“The popularity continued to grow so I decided to continue to develop the Chubbys line,” said Yaniv Levy, founder and president of Cuban Stock Cigar Co.

“The idea for a new Chubbys line was born in 2012” Yaniv continued. “I had the idea to merge two of our most successful sellers into one! Two of our best selling blends are the Chubbys and Cuban Stock Extra Maduro. Since thicker cigar have grown in popularity over the last few years, I decided to combine them and boom! It was like fireworks on the 4th of July!

“Once the prototypes were released we immediately knew that we had another winner. With a little more thinking I decided to only make three of the most popular sizes; five, six and seven inches. I also wanted to make a cigar that would appeal to a wider demographic of customers who may not want a 60 ring gauge so we made new molds for a 56 ring gauge.

Cuban Stock Cigars is a company known for its uniqueness. Each of our individual lines has their own blends, boxes, labels, shapes and sizes. So we wanted to once again have this cigar stand out from the rest. We came up with a beautiful concept with a pigtail and an unfinished foot for a rustic yet modern look.

The final results brought us an absolutely extraordinary cigar. It is a quad-ligero habano blend with an Ecuadorian Maduro wrapper. It’s not too thick, not too dark, not too strong and not too pricy. It’s a cigar with a lot of character that is bold and smooth, yet refined.”

The Chubbys Boss will be released in July, 2014 at the IPCPR Tradeshow in Las Vegas.

VP – 5 x 56
CEO – 6 x 56
Chairman – 7 x 60

Chubbys Boss

Chubbys Boss

Chubbys Boss

Chubbys Boss

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