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Although the new CLE signature series was announced over a month ago, finding information on it was difficult. So while this press release might be a little dated, the following is from Christian Eiroa:

CLE Signature Series
I am proud to introduce the CLE Signature Series Cigars; a collection of blends that I sit down and play with to smoke on my own. The cigars are made by three rollers in Miami who only make cigars for me and although the production is tiny, the attention to detail is huge. The production is so small that we can select the tobacco leaf by leaf, consider this a “gourmet” cigar… One could say that I have actually met every single cigar made.

This idea has been a vision I have had since 2006 and finally after eight years, I am able to introduce it to you. Even after having the cigars made for months, I have been very careful about every detail such as the packaging, the tissue papers, the boxes, the sizes and the blends. Attention to detail is what the CLE Signature Series is all about.

The packaging:

  • There are no bands on these cigars, I have always been a fan of cigars without a band , it truly is the loudest demonstration of arrogance. Once you have found a cigar that is this special, it needs to be YOUR secret. Be selfish, there is no need to share everything, am I right?
  • Each tissue pack contains five cigars and one Boveda pack to assure freshness. I recommend the cigars be sold and stored in these five – packs. Open the packs carefully and remove one cigar at a time, do not disregard the tissue, it is crucial for the marrying process.
  • The cigar box is 100 % cedar with only a light lacquer finish. I wanted to make sure the cedar smell never dissipates so you can use this box over and over.

The blend:
The first blend, the P L d M (Primera Liga de Miami), is very nice with just enough body to give you a hint of what’s to
come. The finish is smooth and I can assure you that you will be happy to know you have more to smoke later. These are the sizes and quantities we have available:
Size                 Quantity        MSRP 
46.5  x 5.5       116 Boxes           $15
50 x 4.5           198 Boxes          $16
52 x 6                87 Boxes          $17
60 x 6                57 Boxes          $18

I hope you are able to enjoy these cigars as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. I am looking forward to your comments and postings and sit tight, there are more to come.




Christian Eiroa

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