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Eric Hanson of Hammer + Sickle stopped by The Cigar Authority office this afternoon with the soon to be released Hammer + Sickle Limited Edition 2014. The cigars will come in 10 count boxes and carry a MSRP of  $10.00. The details of the cigar are being closely guarded but it was shared with The Cigar Authority that there is 6 different types of tobacco from 3 countries.

The image featured on the band and box of the cigar is reference to the Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa statue in Moscow. The statue which features the worker and Kolhoz woman is made of stainless steel and was unveiled at the 1937 Worlds Fair in Paris, France before being moved to Russia. The figures in the statue are holding a hammer and sickle.

According to Eric Hanson, “LE 14 is a creamy, medium body cigar constructed of 6 tobaccos grown in three different countries. The cigar is extraordinarily smooth while delivering a complex array of flavors. Like all limited edition Hammer + Sickle Cigars the specific elements of the blend will never be released.”

The cigars are expected to ship to retailers in Mid-October and is limited to 250 boxes.




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