News | Nebraska Supreme Court Gives Cigar Bars A Chance

Last month a divided Nebraska Supreme Court ruled that an exemption given to cigar bars was unconstitutional. The 5-2 ruling stated that the exemption was considered “special legislation” and counter acted the Nebraska Clean Air Act.

This week the Nebraska Supreme Court approved the requested submitted by 8 business to submit arguments about why an exemption should not be overturned.

The cigar bars have the state Attorney General’s Office on their side who has spoken out on behalf of the owners asking the court to reconsider the ruling.

If the Supreme Court does not rule in favor of the bar owners, Republican State Senator Larson O’Neill stated that he hopes to introduce legislation in the 2015 session that would restore the exemption.

State Sen. Tyson Larson of O’Neill said he’s hoping to introduce legislation in the 2015 session to restore the exemption for cigar bars and tobacco shops. However, that has one big if attached to it as Senator Larson would need to be re-elected in November. He would also need to become the chairman of the Legislatures General Affairs Committee, which he has yet to announce his candidacy for.


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