News | WHO Pushing For Global Tobacco Tax

The World Health Organization which seems to be hell-bent on regulating the behavior of everyone on the planet in a way that hasn’t been seen since Nazi Germany wants the world to pay a tobacco tax.

The Organization announced potential plans to institute a global tobacco tax that has caused economist Arthur Laffer to expressed skepticism. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Raising taxes on tobacco in support of the reduction of tobacco consumption is a core element of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC), an international treaty that entered into force in 2005 and has been endorsed by 178 Parties.

Raising taxes on tobacco is the most effective way to reduce use and save lives,” added WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan. “Determined action on tobacco tax policy hits the industry where it hurts.

Thankfully as of now, the United States is not part f the “178 parties” that have signed on for the deal which calles for a 70% tax, but there are those here in America that would like to control the freedoms that many have died for.  Allowing an outside entity to set policy in American markets could have repercussions for years to come and for those conspiracy theorists out there it could be the first step toward a world government.



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