News | State Of The Union Tobacco Tax Hike

As is customary every January the President of the United States addresses congress and the American people on the State of the Union. During this speech, the president lays out the ground work for what he hopes to accomplish in that particular year or his presidency.

With the Senate and Congress controlled by Republicans this is expected to be the year of nothing happening, as both sides have already stated they don’t see eye to eye. The POTUS has stated that he will veto particular bills and the Republican faction has stated it won’t pass certain measures wanted by President Obama.

However, there was one item of note from the State of the Union last night that could raise taxes for cigar smokers. This falls under Obama’s tax reform plan in which he hopes to create a federal-state partnership to provide 4-year-olds with quality preschools, and paying for it through a tobacco tax hike.

We will keep our eyes on this and report as details become known.

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