News | Vermont to Join 21 Movement ?

In Massachusetts city after city has begun to raise the smoking age to 21. States such as California, Washington, Utah and Rhode Island have bills on the table that would raise the age from 18. You can now add Vermont to the mix.

Representative George Till, a Democrat from Jericho who proposed similar legislation last year has introduced a measure to raise the age again this year to 21.

In a hearing before the House Human Services on Tuesday, Till argued that cities like Needham, MA which raised its smoking age in 2005 has an adult smoking rate below the state average.

The state committee is not buying it as they recall the outrage in the 1980s when the liquor age was raised and they are concerned the military might push back against the proposal.

Before the bill can advance it must visit be voted on by the Human Services committee which has yet to do so.

Vermont is home to over 626,000 residents over 9,620 square miles and became a state in 1791.

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