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Each week thanks to the IPCPR we will share with you the legislation currently being considered around the United States. Should you live in this locations we urge you to contact your local representatives and let them know that you will not stand for them. We ask that you be polite and respectful when you tell them that if the law passes you will not be voting for them in the next election.
Currently in Session

The following state legislatures are meeting actively this week: Arkansas, California, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. Also meeting: District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Active Legislation by State
The following legislative activity occurred from June 21 to June 27 on key issues impacting our members. Please contact us with any questions or comments you have regarding these activities.

D.C.  B20  750  –  OTP Stamping,  Tobacco Taxes 

Sponsor: Councilmember Phil Mendelson (D)

Summary: Current version (5/28/2014) Imposes a tax on other tobacco products at a rate equal to cigarettes. Defines other tobacco product as any product containing, made or derived from tobacco that is intended or expected to be consumed, except cigarettes and premium cigars.

Provides that any person, other than a consumer, who transports cigarettes not bearing District cigarette tax stamps or other tobacco products over the public highways, roads, streets, waterways or other public space in the District, shall have in his actual possession invoices or delivery tickets for such cigarettes or other tobacco products, which show the true name and address of the consignor or seller, the true name and address of the consignee or purchaser and the quantity and brands of the cigarettes or other tobacco products so transported.

Current version (5/28/2014): http:­//dcc­ounci­­files­/perf­orman­ce_ov­ersig­ht/FY­_2015­_Budg­et_Su­pport­_Act_­Draft­_Repo­rt.pd­f­

Introduced version: http:­//lim­s.dcc­ounci­­_layo­uts/1­5/upl­oader­/Down­load.­aspx?­legis­latio­nid=3­1515&­amp;f­ilena­me=B2­0-075­0-Int­roduc­tion.­pdf­

Status: Introduced; referred to Committee of the Whole 4/7/2014. Public hearing held 5/9/2014. Committee meeting held 5/15/2014. Committee meeting held; amended 5/28/2014. Passed Council 6/24/2014.

Effective Date: October 1, 2014
DELAWARE  H.B.  404  –  Smoking Bans 

Sponsor: Representative John Viola (D)

Summary: Amends the Delaware Clean Indoor Air Act to eliminate smoking in private clubs such as fraternal benefits societies and volunteer fire companies.

Delaware statute defines “smoking” as the burning of a lighted cigarette, cigar, pipe or any other matter or substance that contains tobacco.


Status: Introduced, referred to the House Health and Human Development Committee 6/12/2014. Meeting held 6/25/2014.

Effective Date: Upon passage
NEW JERSEY  A.B.  228  –  Retail Licensing 

Sponsor: Assemblymember Reed Gusciora (D)

Summary: Current version (6/16/2014): Provides that this measure does not apply to hookah lounges. Provides that a cigar lounge cannot serve alcohol, it cannot be within a bar or restaurant, it must have a separate entrance to the outside and it must be equipped with an exhaust system that is appropriate to ensure worker safety. Provides that municipalities have discretion to allow new cigar lounges in their boundaries. Allows a new cigar bar or cigar lounge to be opened and registered with the local board of health in the municipality in which the bar or lounge is located, as long as the bar or lounge files an application with the local board of health stating that it intends to generate 15% or more of its total annual gross income from the on-site sale of tobacco products and the rental of on-site humidors and is registered with the local board of health.

Current version (6/16/2014): http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­A0500­/228_­R2.HT­M­

Original version (1/16/2014): http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­A0500­/228_­I1.HT­M­

Status: Filed 1/14/2014. Introduced; referred to Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee 1/16/2014. Hearing held; amended and passed committee 6/5/2014. Amended 6/16/2014. Passed Assembly 6/23/2014.

Effective Date: July 1, 2014
NEW JERSEY  A.B.  1080  –  Smoking Bans 

Sponsor: Assemblymember Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D)

Summary: Final version (6/23/2014): Prohibits smoking at public parks and beaches with the exemptions of golf courses and an area, not to exceed 15% of a municipal or county park or beach, dedicated as a smoking area.

Final version (6/23/2014): http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­A1500­/1080­_R2.P­DF­

Senate version (5/19/2014): http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­A1500­/1080­_R1.P­DF­

Introduced version: http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­A1500­/1080­_I1.P­DF­

Status: Filed 1/14/2014. Referred to Assembly Tourism and Gaming Committee 1/16/2014. Hearing held; passed Committee 2/20/2014. Passed Assembly 3/20/2014. Sent to Senate, referred to Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee 3/24/2014. Hearing held, amended, passed Committee 5/19/2014. Amended on Senate floor 6/23/2014. Passed Senate 6/26/2014.

Effective Date: 180 days after enactment 
NEW JERSEY  S.B.  1772  –  Smoking Bans 

Sponsor: Senator Shirley Turner (D)

Summary: Current version (6/23/2014): Prohibits smoking at public parks and beaches with the exemptions of golf courses and an area, not to exceed 15% of a municipal or county park or beach, dedicated as a smoking area.

Current version (6/23/2014): http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­S2000­/1772­_R2.P­DF­

Committee version (5/19/2014): http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­S2000­/1772­_R1.P­DF­

Introduced version: http:­//www­.njle­g.sta­te.nj­.us/2­014/B­ills/­S2000­/1772­_I1.P­DF­

Status: Filed 3/4/2014. Introduced, referred to Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee 3/17/2014. Hearing held, amended, passed Committee 5/19/2014. Amended on Senate floor 6/23/2014. Substituted in Senate 6/26/2014.

Companion Bill: 2014 A.B. 1080

Effective Date: 180 days after enactment

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