News | WTO Rules In Favor of Tobacco

In Geneva, Switzerland an arbitration court for the World Trade Organization (WTO) preliminarily ruled in favor of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Indonesia and Ukraine against Australia and their generic packaging law for tobacco products.

The generic packaging which I had to create when I worked at Miami Cigar & Company features a cool grey 2c background, and lucidia sans font size 10 on all packaging. Instead of the company logo, the boxes displayed morbid images.

According to Dominican Republic Foreign Trade Department Director Katrina Naut, “We must take a firm attitude in this dispute to protect thousands of jobs for Dominicans and a critical sector for our economy and our cultural heritage”.

Below is an image of the plain packaging, the toe tag image is one of 6 images that must be rotated over a set time.


Australia Plain Packaging

Australia Plain Packaging

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