Oliva V Special V Figurado Cigar Review

Today we conclude perfecto cigar week with a review of a cigar that is part of the perfecto family, a figurado. The definition of a perfecto is, “A cigar that is tapered on both ends. Some perfecto cigars have a nipple foot, or may have a uniform and gently tapering foot.” Today’s cigar fits that definition, but we invite you to debate the fact in the comments.

Today’s cigar the Oliva V was introduced in 2007 and is available in 13 different sizes.

Cigar Review: Oliva V
Size:  6 x 60 (Special V Figurado)
Wrapper: Nicaragua Habano Sun Grown
Binder: Nicaragua
Finder: Nicaragua
Strength: Medium

The Look: The chocolate color wrapper that adorns the Oliva V Figurado has a slightly oily sheen to it, with minimal veins. In the hand the wrapper has a velvet like feel to it under the fingers. There are no soft spots and the cigar has a nice weight to it. The Oliva V band of booze, red, beige and brown adorns the cigar that is rolled to near perfection.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Oliva V Figurado is reminiscent of rich, moist german chocolate cake and a hint of walnuts and raisins thrown into the mix. The aroma off the wrapper is that of slight mocha.

Once the cigar is lit, the initial notes are that of walnuts and chocolate on the nipple of the cigar. As we work into a full burn of the perfecto tip the cigar begins to get a bit more complex with the addition of cedar and chocolate. As the we progress deeper into first third there are elements of marzipan that tease and tantalize the palate. Through the nose the cigar is woody with a subtle sweetness.

In the second third of the Oliva V the focal point of the flavors is that of raisins cedar that continues to build to the point that in the second half of the cigar it becomes the dominant note. The second third rounds out with touches of espresso and a slight pepper on the retrohale that remains woody.

The last third of the cigar continues with notes of coffee and cedar but it also sees the return of the walnuts from the first third replacing the sweetness from the raisins. The finish of the cigar is about medium in length with some pepper and wood on the retrohale.

The Burn: The perfecto tipped cigar started off with a perfect burn but as the cigar progressed things got a tad uneven. While I was tempted to touch the cigar up I worked through it and the cigar caught up in time for the photograph below. The draw of the cigar was ideal even at first light and the medium to dark ash was firm holding on for more than the first third and remained lit from first light to last puff.

The Finish: For a cigar to have the longevity of eight years is a rarity these days in my mind at least from the social media stand point of everyone looking for what is new. Smoking the cigar one can see why it has lasted into today’s cigar market. Robust flavors and a wonderful complexity make this cigar an enjoyable one worthy of a box purchase.

Score: 92
Price: $11.19ea @ Two Guys Smoke Shop

Olive Special V (Figurado)

Olive Special V (Figurado)

Olive Special V (Figurado) Foot

Olive Special V (Figurado) Foot

Olive Special V (Figurado) Burn

Olive Special V (Figurado) Burn

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