Opus X Oro Oscuro (Yellow Box) Perfecxion No.4 Review

This year saw quite a few limited release from Fuente with the Don Carlos 80th and Eye of the Shark. The latest limited edition comes in a Yellow Box and is labeled as  Fuente Opus X Oro Oscuro. The boxes were available to retailers on the first day of the IPCPR. However, the amount they received would depend on how big of an order was placed.

The box contains 5 sizes for 15 cigars in total; Perfecxtion No. 4 (5.25 x 42); Robusto (5.25 x 50); Fuente Fuente (5 5/8 x 46) ; Perfection X (6.25 x 48) and Reserva D’Chateau (7 x 48).

For those of you who listen to the show, you know I have been under the weather and I was just put on MethylPREDNIsolone, and am not supposed to smoke for the next 6 days. However, I couldn’t help but to dig into the box which retails for $240 and light one up.

Cigar Review: Opus X Oro Oscuo
Size: 5.25 x 42 (Perfexion No. 4)
Wrapper: Rosado Oscuro
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic
Source: Two Guys Smoke Shop
Strength: Full

The Look: Featuring a gold or yellow foot ribbon depending on who you ask the Opus X Oro Oscuro features the typical Opus X band and a secondary band denoting Destino al Siglo. The flawless wrapper is rolled to perfection with no soft spots and feels hefty in the hand for its size.

The Notes: The cold draw of the Opus X Oro Oscuro lacks the sweetness one usually finds in an Opus and that has me concerned going in. The foot of the cigar serves up some roasted peanuts to the nose.

Once the cigar is lit one notices that the flavor is darker than the traditional Opus X although there is some underlying cinnamon notes. As we move deeper into the first third the cinnamon becomes more defined with some floral notes and charred wood. Through the nose there is a subtle spice.

As we start the second third of the cigar and the ash drops the cigar becomes sweeter with the cinnamon notes moving front and center. The floral notes experienced in the first third develop into an apricot like flavor on the front end as cinnamon slides to a note on the finish. As the first third comes to a close some notes os sunflower seeds appear.

The last third of the Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 sees the sunflower notes remain with some apricots that slowly fade. In the last inch of the cigar the notes become pepper and leather with no remaining sweetness. The leather remains on a somewhat lengthy finish.

The Burn: A slow burning cigar the Opus X Oro Oscuro had a razor-sharp burn with a medium to dark gray ash. The ash held firm for each third before dropping like clockwork. The draw of the cigar was perfect and the stick remained lit from the first light to the last puff when I put it down with a quarter-inch remaining.

The Finish: When you mention Opus X some people cringe at smoking them without at least a few years of age on them. With that said, while this cigar was enjoyable out of the box I believe that it will benefit with some age on them. I can see the cigar becoming sweeter, though predicting how a cigar will age is a crap shoot at best and I will take that gamble.

Score: 91
Price: $240 a Box of 15

Random Notes

  • I kicked myself repeatedly that I didn’t buy the Eye of the Shark, so I purchased this box.
  • In Spanish the word Oro means gold; despite this the box looks more like Taxi Cab Yellow.
  • Upon smoking the first third for this review I was bordering on buyer’s remorse.
  • In the second third I was very happy with my purchase.
  • There are little similarities between this and a more traditional Opus X in my opinion.
  • The only cigar that I have always wanted to smoke and I still seek to this day is the Anejo Shark with a Cameroon wrapper which is referred to as a Sand Shark.
Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 (w/ Lens Flare)

Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 (w/ Lens Flare)

Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 Foot

Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 Foot

Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 Burn

Opus X Oro Oscuro Perfecxion No. 4 Burn

Opus X Oro Oscuro Box

Opus X Oro Oscuro Box

Opus X Oro Oscuro Open Box

Opus X Oro Oscuro Open Box

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