Padron 1964 Anniversary Principe Natural vs Maduro Cigar Review

While driving into work this morning I was wondering how much my palate has changed over the years. Often when talking to people the majority of people prefer smoking the 1964 Anniversary Maduro over the Natural, even those who prefer mild cigars. In 2008 I awarded the Natural my first ever 100 point rating and subsequently I reviewed it again in 2017 when I scored it a 96. So why review it again? 9 out of 10 times I reach for the Natural. Is it out of habit as it is the brand and size that really started my cigar smoking passion or do I legitimately prefer the natural?

Cigar Review: Padron 1964 Annversary
Wrapper: Natural / Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Length: 4.5″
Ring Gauge: 46
Size: Principe

The Look: Packaged in 25 count boxes, the Padron Principe is in a 2 row foot print. Both the natural and maduro wrappers have a similar amount of oils present. The natural wrapper has a subtle brindle effect to it, while the maduro has some crystals noticeable on the wrapper. In the hand both cigars have a similar weight and are box pressed to perfection.

The Natural: The cold draw of the Principe Natural has hints of cedar, vanilla and caramel while the aroma off the foot serves up cedar and earth. Once lit the cigar serves up note of peanuts, cedar, earth and a slight cocoa. The retrohale serves up additional cedar notes and a touch of vanilla that lingers on the finish which also features a slightly floral component.

The Maduro: With the cap clipped the cold draw serves up a subtle graham cracker and dark chocolate while the nose off the foot has a leather component. Once toasted and lit the maduro is noticeably more full bodied than its natural counterpart. It serves up notes of dark chocolate, coffee beans, walnuts and leather while the retrohale has cedar and pepper with a longer finish then its natural counterpart.

The Verdict: For me the natural still is the way to go. The maduro offers stronger flavors with more grittiness than the natural and based on this it surprises me I prefer the natural. When I fire up a cigar 8 our of 10 times its a stronger fuller bodied cigar I crave. However, when it comes to Padron I want a luxury experience that the natural delivers. Its flavor profile is softer and sweeter and its hits the palate the way I expect a Padron to do it.

Score:  98 (Natural) / 93 (Maduro)
Price: $10.40 / $259.99


Padron Principe Natural vs Maduro

Padron Principe Natural vs Maduro Foot

Padron Principe Natural vs Maduro Burn

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