Pennsylvania Senator Plans To Introduce Tobacco 21 Bill

When the Pennsylvania legislative body returns to session on March 18th, 2019 it is expected that Republican Senator Mario M. Scavello will introduce a bill to raise the tobacco purchase age to 21. Back in December, Senator Scavello introduced a Senate Co-Sponsorship Memoranda of his intentions.

In the message he stated, “In the near future, I plan to introduce legislation increasing Pennsylvania’s minimum legal sales age for tobacco products from 18 years of age, to 21 years of age.

Since 2015 the Keystone state has attempted to pass a Tobacco 21 bill, and we ask our Pennsylvania readership to get out ahead of this potential bill by informing their elected officials that they deserve the freedom to enjoy a premium cigar at the same age they get to vote, serve on a jury, pay taxes and have the ability to serve in our military.

The Senator Memoranda can be viewed at:

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