Well, we got the scoop, the first look and taste of a new Perdomo coming out to celebrate Nick Perdomo’s 20th year in the cigar business.  Time flies, I remember first seeing Nick and his Dad at the RTDA (Retail Tobacco Dealers Association) with a small booth and a unknown name.  This was the cigar boom and most companies road it out, made some money and got out but not Nick.

Today Nick Perdomo and Tabacalera Perdomo is one of the largest vertically integrated cigar manufactures not only in Nicaragua but in the world.  What started out as a family business in Nick’s garage with his wife Janine is today a 20 year old family company now with their children by their side.

To celebrate their monumental 20th Anniversary, The Perdomo 20th Anniversary has been made and has been aging and I was honored to sit with Nick and his son Nicolas Perdomo III to try this cigar.

A soft box pressed cigar meaning it was not extremely pressed with hard tight corners; this appeared to be pressed like the old days, in the box.  It is the first non-cello’d cigar from Perdomo and available in a natural and Maduro.  I smoked both…I had too…it’s my job and I love it!

This cigar was and is visually flawless.  Packed full and even and the wrapper seamless on both that I smoked and looking closely at theirs too looked perfect.  The flavor pre-light was sweet like raisins and after lighting the sweetness slowly faded on the natural and hung in longer on the Maduro.  Subtle smoky flavors like a BBQ sauce was apparent on both and it was soon apparent the biggest problem I would encounter was which one did I like the best.

The Perdomo 20th Anniversary is expected to retail from $8 – $10 per cigar and will be released no earlier than September 10th of 2012.  September 10th is Nick Perdomo’s late father Nick Perdomo Sr. birthday, and Nick thought it would be a great day to launch this special cigar to the world.

I smoked just two of these cigars so far and I can’t wait to get more.  This is going to be a big one folks, you heard it here first, this is a great cigar and is destined to be a classic.  It doesn’t get better than this.

My Rating:  A+

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