Podcast: Special Announcement & Let’s Get Debonaire with Phil Zanghi

Are you Debonaire enough to join us on today’s LIVE radio broadcast of The Cigar Authority? With us today is Phil Zanghi of Debonaire cigars. In the first hour, we spark up one of his blends known as the Indian Motorcycle Habano and share some thoughts about the recent presidential election.

Once we get into the second hour, we get Debonaire and light up just that… Debonaire cigars! Derek has some BIG news to share with us, there’s NO Mr. Jonathan and Barry is STILL on his honey moon. This will be an interesting show you don’t want to miss! We’ll see you there on this weeks LIVE radio podcast known as… The Cigar Authority!

Next Podcast:┬áSpecial Announcement & Let’s Get Debonaire with Phil Zanghi

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